I'm a storyteller, sir.
It's my craft.

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Check out these A M A Z I N G behind the scenes pictures. Looks like these are from 202 or 203! 


Your real worth is deep and innate and no one can take it from you unless you give it away. You can decide that you will live a life that celebrates everything that you are: you can choose to remember that you were once a little child who was unafraid, unselfconscious, and brimming over with the wealth of love.” - Stephanie Beatriz

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I feel like women are frequently seen as guests in the comedy world — you know, a kid sister of the “real comedians”. I like the idea of positioning myself as legendary rather than trying to fit in. Now do I see myself like that every day? No, but I think it’s a funny attitude and maybe on some weird, spiritual level, maybe it’s a good attitude.” - Chelsea Peretti

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A sun hat?

Favorite B99 Outfits: Amy Santiago in 2x01

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